now taking place 13-16 September 2021

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We’re genuinely excited to be partnering with some of the most innovative and forward-thinking organisations at the GLOBAL CURRENCY FORUM, and are delighted to thank them for their support.

Better yet, there are still many more opportunities FOR YOU to be a crucial part of this event. As an open and forward-facing forum, with co-created content and a vibrant community that will be built long before show day, we’re keen to hear from partners with something to say.
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Your partnership at the Global Currency Forum is completely transparent. What you pay for is a package inclusive of your dedicated lounge in the hub, content opportunities pre, during and post event, your participant passes, and your meeting room access. So there are no hidden add-ons.

You won’t need to spend any more money on having a stand designed. In our community-focused hub, you will benefit from a beautifully designed and fully furnished lounge space that offers consistent opportunities for sleek branding.

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Canadian Bank Note Company Ltd

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Crane Currency

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De La Rue

De La Rue is a leading provider of sophisticated products, services and solutions that help keep the world’s nations, economies and populations secure. From world-leading design and the integration of innovative high-security features, to safeguarding national reputations, at De La Rue, we create banknotes that meet the individual needs of each currency and circulation environment. We also provide an award winning analytics solution to help central banks better understand their cash cycle and make evidence based-decisions.

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Fabriano Security

Fabriano Security, a brand of Fedrigoni S.p.A., a company leader in Europe for specialty papers, offers the widest range of security features and relevant substrates for Security Printers and Central Banks.
Security papers made with different technologies for all needs of secure documents (banknotes, passports, Visas, cheques, and so on), and features spanning from a wide range of security threads up to holographic stripes and patches.
Thanks to its experience, based on more than seven centuries of history, Fabriano Security includes the latest overt and covert security systems featuring brands such as Sigma, DnA, Fusion, Janus, MAG3, MOBILE, VISTA, and the new digital watermark.

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G+D Currency Technology

G+D Currency Technology is a technology leader in Advanced Currency Management for an efficient and secure currency cycle. With a global presence and based in Munich, the company employed approximately 4,800 people and generated a turnover of over one billion EUR in 2018. The digital and physical solutions, products, and services provided by G+D Currency Technology to over 150 countries around the world cater for every stage in the lifecycle of a banknote and have been safeguarding confidence in values worldwide for over 160 years. The portfolio comprises banknotes (from substrates and security features, to design and production), cash processing solutions (high speed, commercial, coin) and cash management services such as software, cash centers, managed services and lifecycle services as well as digital and software solutions and consulting around digital currencies. Customers around the world include central and commercial banks, print works, cash-in-transit companies and casinos.
It is part of Giesecke+Devrient (G+D), a global security technology group headquartered in Munich, Germany.
For more information, please visit www.gi-de.com/currency-technology

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Gietz AG

Gietz AG, a family-owned Swiss company, founded in 1892 by Johann Friedrich Gietz, is a byword for reliability in the security industry. In 1986 Gietz supplied overseas the world’s first FSA NOTA machine with hologram positioning capability and from 1990 more than 50 FSA NOTA machines were exported exclusively in the field of banknote printing. Gietz’ latest innovation within the security range is the FSA 1060 Foil Commander NOTA, closing the gap to the super-size format by applying hologram patches and stripes on banknotes of any substrate, as well as official government documents

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Gleitsmann Security Inks

Gleitsmann Security Inks (GSI) has been a trusted, innovative provider of highly secure, durable and efficient inks for government entities worldwide since 1847.
We continuously strive to improve our products, meeting latest requirements from our customers, i.e. central banks, state printworks and commercial security printers. Customer centricity is not just a buzzword for GSI but has highest priority in every aspect of our operation. Our technical and commercial customer service, operating from our headquarters in Berlin, provides support within hours from receiving a customer request.
Besides our standard intaglio, offset and numbering inks we also provide cost efficient varnish solutions and an environmentally friendly series of silk-screen colours. Our products are today used by more than 40 international customers.

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The family-owned company HUECK FOLIEN is an independent manufacturer of security threads, holographic foils and laminates and offers a diversity of solutions for the protection of the originality of banknotes, tax stamps and documents. The products of its portfolio segments are in circulation in paper banknotes and high security documents all over the world. One of the main strengths and special skills of HUECK FOLIEN is to provide individual tailor-made solutions for satisfying the customer. Design competence and the possibility to cover several types of thread and foil manufacturing processes made the company the well acknowledged expert in the banknote production industry.

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Jura is a global brand name in the high-security graphic arts trade as a reputed high-tech developer and supplier. Jura offers complete top quality security prepress systems including software and hardware solutions from graphic design to print-ready plate making.
Its design software packages and high-resolution prepress output devices are in function at more than 100 governmental and licensed security printers all over the world and its patented personalisation solutions and unique covert security features are used on several banknotes, passports, ID cards and other security documents of many countries.

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KBA-NotaSys SA

KBA-NotaSys is a global provider of high security printing solutions and has been supporting our customers worldwide to efficiently produce highly secure and aesthetically pleasing banknotes since 1952. KBA-NotaSys has significantly contributed to the high security printing industry. We have dedicated ourselves to improving the security and functionality of banknotes and other security documents, while at the same time optimising production costs. Our mission is to provide and support the high security printing industry with value-added services, technology & solutions to enable the efficient production of currency and other security documents.

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Komori Corporation

Founded in 1923, Komori Corporation’s design concepts have originated from the requirements of our users and all our efforts have been devoted to customer satisfaction. The management principle of Kando - ‘beyond expectations’ - drives Komori to adhere to its origins and produce products of superior quality and reliability.
With equipment used in over 60 countries, Komori is recognized as a leading supplier with an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of printing machinery. Komori has been developing and manufacturing banknote presses since its first dry offset press was developed and delivered in 1958.
Today our customers world-wide are experiencing Kando through the successful installation and operation of their banknote machines and recent successes symbolise Komori’s leadership in providing solutions and development of printing technologies.

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Landqart AG

Landqart AG is the only manufacturer of security paper in Switzerland, proudly upholding traditional Swiss values: quality, security, and innovation. A trusted partner to governments around the world for the supply of banknote and passport paper, our paper-polymer composite substrate, Durasafe®, is firmly at the forefront of technological development in the industry. A platform for innovative design and security features, Durasafe® is engineered to meet the requirements of banknote issuers. It allows the notes to stay safely ahead of the counterfeiters, offers untold design possibilities, and remains familiar and easy to recognise for the general public. In circulation from Switzerland to Asia, from Africa to the Americas, Landqart’s substrates are used with confidence in the most demanding situations.

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Leonhard Kurz Stiftung & Co KG

LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG is a 5th generation family-owned company established 120 years ago. From its beginnings as a gold foil producer it developed into the world's leading manufacturer of superior hot stamping foils for banknotes. The KURZ Group, with over 5,000 employees, operates 14 manufacturing plants and 24 subsidiaries around the globe. Foils for banknotes are exclusively produced at our ECB-approved high security manufacturing site in Germany. KURZ is at the forefront of innovation for security foils and offers an excellent customer service, from design to delivery. Highest standards are applied and certified for quality and health and safety management throughout the KURZ Group. KURZ and OVD Kinegram have successfully created foil security devices for more than 280 different banknotes across over 80 countries, in cooperation with all major banknote paper suppliers and printers.

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Louisenthal is a leading manufacturer of banknote substrates, security paper, security foils and features, headquartered in Gmund, Lake Tegernsee. Central banks, printworks and governments from over 100 countries worldwide trust in its products and solutions. The company has grown steadily since its acquisition by Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) in 1964. Today, it employs approximately 1,300 staff, 300 of whom are employed at its facility in Königstein near Dresden, Saxony.
Louisenthal is a subsidiary of Munich-based company G+D Currency Technology, a leader in Advanced Currency Management.

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Luminescence Sun Chemical Security

Luminescence Sun Chemical Security offer an extensive range of innovative security inks for the efficient production of highly secure banknotes. Our inks are tailor made for each customer and are available for all processes used in banknote production. The special formulation of our inks ensure that they function on all three levels of authentication; from the general public to forensic inspection systems.
Formed in 2018, our combined over 60 years of experience gives us the depth of knowledge needed to supply this niche market. Our references clearly show the uniqueness of both our products and our services.
Our philosophy of supply gives our customers the highest levels of innovation, security, discretion and confidentiality. “Inspiring Confidence” is in everything we do. For more information, please visit: www.luminescence.co.uk.

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Orell Füssli Security Printing

Founded as a printer and bookseller in 1519 , Orell Füssli has grown to become a leading provider of security technologies, products, solutions and systems for banknotes, ID and value documents.
The challenges posed by sophisticated banknote and ID counterfeiters are addressed through the application of increasingly complex security solutions, drawn from our strong pedigree as a high security printer. We constantly strive to be at the forefront by providing innovative solutions with distinct and unique applications.
Thanks to our advanced production platforms, Orell Füssli Security Printing Ltd can leverage the highest standards of security printing technologies, be they on traditional cotton paper, polymer or hybrid-type substrates.
Our in-depth knowledge allows us to offer our customers a range of products and services, from initial design concepts all the way to the printing of banknotes. We accompany our customers in the journey of generating secure, high-technology, as well as inspiring banknotes and ID documents that proudly reflect the values of the issuing country.

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PARVIS offers a number of systems and services, in particular: ABACO, NUMERO and PROXIMA.
ABACO is a Manufacturing Execution System that fills the gap between shop floor and company ERP allowing the direct and bidirectional transfer of data. This is the key to process control, from orders to finished banknotes, always keeping people and processes well synchronised.
ABACO controls the operation of equipment in a banknote printing plant; NUMERO is used for typographic numbering control; the family of systems PROXIMA provides offline accurate control of offset print, intaglio print and substrate features. Together, these systems offer: banknote track & trace, sheet counting and barcoding, materials traceability, printing quality control and operations management."
"PARVIS offers a number of systems and services, in particular: ABACO, NUMERO and PROXIMA.
ABACO is a Manufacturing Execution System that fills the gap between shop floor and company ERP allowing the direct and bidirectional transfer of data. This is the key to process control, from orders to finished banknotes, always keeping people and processes well synchronised.
ABACO controls the operation of equipment in a banknote printing plant; NUMERO is used for typographic numbering control; the family of systems PROXIMA provides offline accurate control of offset print, intaglio print and substrate features. Together, these systems offer: banknote track & trace, sheet counting and barcoding, materials traceability, printing quality control and operations management..

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Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering

Founded in 1911, Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering, has become the world's leading manufacturer of custom-designed systems for unfit currency management. Our focus are custom designed solutions for banknote destruction, coin crushing & unwrapping and shred handling. The design philosophy of each of our system is to provide systems with a high degree of security, operational reliability, durability, safety and environmental awareness, all with the goal of helping our customers to add value to their businesses.

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Schuler Group

Schuler offers customized first-rate technology in all areas of forming. In addition to press, our product portfolio includes automation and software solutions, dies, process know-how and service for the entire metalworking industry. Presses from the Schuler Group are minting coins for more than 180 countries. Founded in 1839 with headquarters in Göppingen, Germany, Schuler AG has about 6,600 employees at production sites in Europe, China and America, as well as service companies in more than 40 countries. The company is majority-owned by the Austrian ANDRITZ Group.

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SICPA is a leading global provider of secured authentication, identification and traceability solutions and services and a long-trusted advisor to governments, central banks, high security printers and industry. Founded in 1927, headquartered in Switzerland and operating on five continents, SICPA’s mission is to Enable Trust through constant innovation. Based on core expertise in high security inks, the company protects the majority of the world’s banknotes, security and value documents from the threats of counterfeiting and fraud. SICPA also integrates material covert features and cutting-edge digital technology to offer sophisticated traceability and supply chain protection solutions and services, enabling governments to optimize tax revenues and enforce regulations.

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SURYS’ crafted range of innovative optical and digital solutions to protect documents and products. Global reference in the field of security, SURYS is certified CWA/Intergraf Governmental class and has earned the complete trust of governments, central banks and corporations. Member of IHMA, the Company invests each year more than 10% in Research & Development.
SURYS’ forward-thinking approach and relentless research continuously reinforces its status of leadership in the sector and explains the presence of its cutting-edge solutions in more than 120 countries.

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For more information about all of our partnership opportunities email us at rachel.price@globalcurrencyforum.org or request your copy of the partnership brochure below

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